Christmas Eve – The Finale

“Ms. Victor.” Knock….knock…..knock

“Ms. Victor are you still inside?” The nurse kept on knocking on the prayer room’s door with no response. Apparently, she had been knocking for quite some time as Flora locked the door upon herself. As the banging increased, she was alerted. She slowly tried to open her eyes. She felt numbness all over her body. She looked left, right, up and down. Her eyes were still halfway opened. Even though the light in the room was dimmed, she still couldn’t quite open her eyes. The light she was struck by, at the end of the vision, was still impacting her.

Flora pressed her hands against the table to get up. Slowly, she headed towards the door and opened it.

“What time is it?” She asked the nurse.

“It’s 8:00 PM. Are you ok, Ms. Victor? Do you need anything?”

Flora shook her head.

“I am so sorry to bother you, but the doctor wanted to see you immediately.”

Flora followed the nurse to the ICU. The way to it was so familiar, except that she couldn’t find the wooden door anywhere. At this point, she was certain what she just saw was a vision.

“Ms. Victor, how are you feeling?” The doctor asked with concern.

“I am well, now, couldn’t be better.” Flora’s face was glowing and full of light.

The doctor was bewildered. He seemed hesitant to give her the news. He kept on thinking of a way to share the news he got for her.

To the doctor’s bafflement, Flora drew a peaceful, compassionate smile on her face and said; “She is in a much better place, now. I could not have pictured her in a better one.”

She patted him on the shoulder and asked if she could take one last look on Christina before her bruised, scared body was taken to the morgue.


Flora asked everybody to dress in white as they walked Christina to her procession. The church was filled with red roses, purple tulips, yellow, white and blue flowers. The church’s’ scouts were in their uniform performing a tribute to their friend with trumpets, drums, and cymbals. Christina was held, not in a white, oak casket, but in the hearts of everybody who encountered her. She was one special young lady. She was to be gone early. Earth was not the place for her. It’s the bosom of her heavenly Father.

In the following weeks, Flora received so many calls to be hosted on TV to talk about her daughter and comment on the horrific incident. Nicely, she refused most of the offers. She was not into publicity. Therefore, she only agreed to phone interviews.

Over the phone, the TV host asked her to comment and send a message to the terrorist who killed her daughter.

With a loving, gentle, and compassionate voice, Flora said; “I forgive you. Not only because my faith teaches me so, but also because you were the reason my daughter is in a much better place now. She is in heaven. She is with Jesus.”


The End


Illustration by Iskander’s Art

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