Cutie Pie

“Yes, ma’am. Mr. Baker is here. May I please get your name before I transfer the call?” Emily asked. “Tell him the cutie pie is on the phone. He will get it right away.” The caller responded with arrogance. Emily’s blood pressure was elevated on the spot. She felt an immediate shortness of breath as well as sweat all over her body. Steve was taken! So, what if he was taken? She couldn’t be with someone like him anyway. But, jealousy was eating her up like fire does to straw. “Sure. Give me one second please.” Emily responded with grudge. Shaking, was the status of her hands. Something was stopping her from pressing on the transfer button. It had been 2 minutes now; the lady was still on hold.

“What if this isn’t mutual? What if it is only a one-sided relationship? No, she would not dare to call him at work and introduce herself as his cutie pie, then! But, it’s a Sunday. She probably tried him on his cell, but he didn’t pick up. He did not want to talk to her; that’s why she is harassing him and calling the work phone.” Emily’s fried brain kept on going back and forth as a yoyo. Eventually, the phone rang again reminding her that Ms. Cutie Pie was still on hold.

Even though Emily knew very well that she had no right whatsoever to feel or act that way, she still couldn’t resist her curiosity. She was determined to find out if Steve was feeling the same for this ugly pie or not. She got a plan. Furiously, she pushed her desk chair against the wall, got up, and headed to Steve’s office. In a sarcastic, heated, yet maintained and professional tone she said; “Good Morning, Steve. Ugl…. I mean Ms. Cutie Pie is on the phone. She wants to talk to you.” Without giving him a chance to respond, she resumed; “somehow, the transfer button doesn’t work on my phone, and I couldn’t transfer the call to your direct line. If you would like, you may talk to her from my desk. I can go make some coffee until you finish the call.” With a startled look with both eyebrows raised up to the ceiling, Steve answered while clearing his throat; “I am not sure who that is,” he turned around right away and looked into his 18” screen, and resumed; “also, I am in the middle of something important and I don’t have time for this banality. Can’t you tell I am busy, Emily?” He averted looking at her the entire time. He did not want to admit that he knew exactly who that lady was. It was a whim that he was not planning to repeat. However, his answer was not very satisfying to her. She stood there interrogating him with her eyes gazing at him for a while. She had so many questions and his answer did not help, but rather confused her more. While tons of questions were rushing into her brain, Steve finally looked at her and questioned, “why are you still here, Emily? Is there anything else?”

“Oh, nothing else. But I still don’t know what I should tell Ms. Pie!” She challenged him. He raised his head and with a charming smile full of attention that lit her dull world in less than a second, he answered; “I will leave this to you. Be creative,” he winked.

Emily’s heart almost jumped out of her body.  She began to experience weird sensations; a group of butterflies were having a dance party in her belly, a racing heart that its beats were louder than a drum, and an overall hyper energy that possessed her tiny, exhausted body all of a sudden. She tried to respond but her voice hid somewhere. She could not help it but to smile back at him. She raised her finger implying that she got it. She left his office and closed the glass door after her. She returned back to her desk with ecstasy as a victorious king coming back from the battlefield. She raised the phone handset, pressed on the hold button, and with a prideful, triumphant voice she answered; “I am so sorry Ms. Pie to keep you waiting, but Mr. Baker is on diet, and had refrained from having all kinds of desserts. Have a good life!”

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