Day Fantasies

The alarm went off for almost 45 minutes until she finally woke up. She came home late the night before. She had to go visit her sick father in the hospital after a long, hectic day at work. She rushed home after to make dinner for her younger sister, made sure her homework was done, gave her a warm bath, and put her to bed. She didn’t realize it was two hours past mid-night.  Her exhausted, tiny body was aching and could not take it anymore. Once she put her head on her tatty pillow, she drifted into a different world. She could hardly move after a dreamless night. She stayed still in the same sleeping position all night long.

She struggled finding her way to the bathroom to shower and get ready for work. People like her can’t afford taking off work. She is paid hourly, and every hour counts. She is the bread winner of a family of three; her father, her sister and herself. Her mother passed away three years ago, the same time when she took on several roles. She became a caregiver to her sick father, a second mother to her younger sister, and the backbone of the entire family. She aged overnight.

She put on her worn out shoes and rushed out of the door. She headed to the metro station to get to work. Fortunately, it was not congested as usual. It was a Sunday, a weekend for most people but her. She was happy she found a seat where she could rest for another hour or so, before another tedious day at work approaches. She leaned her head against the window and dove in her thoughts. She recalled when her mother was still alive, and her father was of good health. She recalled the good old days when they had their own house with its spacious backyard. People used to come over all the time; grilling, drinking, partying, and chilling. What happened? If the economy had not crashed three years ago, her father would have not lost all his money, the house, and developed serious heart complications. If her mother had not passed from that car accident a year later, the warmth of being together as one family would have helped them get back on their feet, her father would have recovered, and she could have lived a normal life once again. A heart-felt sigh came from within, expressing the pain inside of her and the shrieks behind her silence.

The public announcement on the metro interrupted her medley of thoughts, alerting her that her station had arrived. She got off and headed to the exit to find her way to the bus stop. She had to take a shuttle from the metro station to her work place. She works at a small company as a front desk operator. She likes her job, but she does not like the fact that it took her away from the career path she planned for herself, one day. However, she knows she can’t blame it on the job but on the circumstances. It’s a pay check after all, and every buck counts.

She made it to the office luckily on time. It was a pleasant surprise to see Steve there, the company’s assistant director, from his glass office. He is a workaholic who does not mind going to the office on weekends. While on weekdays, he always makes it to work before sunrise. She can’t help it but fall for him more every day. He is not only handsome, well-educated, sweet, and gentle, but also so down to earth. If she would have met him just few years back! Who knows? Probably they could have had 2 kids by now. What kind of a wedding she would have had? Oh, what about the ring and the proposal? And, the honeymoon! Was it going to be in the Maldives or Thailand? How many bridesmaids? Probably 15 at the time, when she used to have a lot of friends, unlike now.

The phone – her buzz killer- rang and smashed all of her fantasies. She took a deep breath, shook it off, put a smile on her face and answered; “Good Morning. ELP Company, how may I direct your call?”

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